How it works.

PickleJar Studio is a three-in-one application suite.

Wireframing tool

The wireframing tool provides the capability to:

  • Create pages.
  • Create page modules.
  • Define single-use and reusable components.
  • Define component states.

Specification App

Define gherkin features, map interactions to defined scenario steps and publish specification documents and scenario prototype interactions.

Once your feature has been developed, map DOM selectors to wireframe widgets.

The specification app will automate any scenario that can have an interactive prototype defined, and as we know, not all scenarios lend themselves to interactive prototyping. The idea is not to replace the automation engineer but help stay ahead of development or at the very least keep up, which is usually a struggle.

Test Runner

You can run tests within the suite against features defined in the specification app or export *.feature files and feature step definition files to a selected directory.