Is it a browser-based application?

No, PickleJar is a desktop application that will be available for Windows and Mac OS X users.

Is there support for remote teams?

Yes. Multiple team members will be able edit and update the same project made possible via a hosted version control system, there will be an option to publish specification documentation and prototype interactions to hosted server and the vision is to include a screen share/video chat within the workspace.

Will it be able to automate complex scenarios – dynamic content?

The idea behind PickleJar is not to replace the automation engineer, that would be an impossible goal, the intention is to:

  • Make automation testing more manageable and make it possible for QA to stay ahead of development.
  • Provide a platform that is a single source of truth for software requirements (wireframes, interactive prototypes and BDD features)

Basic component interactions that lend themselves to static interactive models will be handled and provision will be made for complex scenarios that depend on dynamic data to be handled manually.

What kind of application can be specified, prototyped and tested with PickleJar?

For the initial release the focus will be on browser-based (mobile/web) applications.