QA Engineers

Manage automated tests with this simple tool and keep up with (or even ahead) of development.


Working on your personal project or building your next awesome app? With PickleJar you can document, generate and manage BDD tests for your project/app in a time/cost effective way.


Interaction models based on executable specifications enables automatic generation of technical and end user documentation.

Agile Development Teams

Works great for agile development teams too. Promotes seamless collaboration between BAs, IAs, UX designers, QAs and Developers

Great collaboration tool for increased productivity

PickleJarPromotes seamless collaboration between BAs, IAs, UX designers, QAs and Developers.

It provides a single source of truth for software requirements enabling different roles contribute to the same source of information that forms the specification, acceptance tests and Living Documentation of the project.

Test automation made easy.

Enables auto-generation of acceptance tests based on user defined interactions

Prototype interactions are mapped against executable specifications enabling auto-generation of acceptance tests. Test can be run within the suite or exported to selected directory.

Living Documentation

PickleJar provides a perfect framework for managing iterative updates and adjustments to project requirements.

Interaction models are based on executable specifications which enables automatic generation of technical documentation. Any updates to wireframes or interactions are always reflected in the current specification state.

Sprint Management

Manage specifications per sprint, track specification revisions and plan ahead for future sprints.